Mission Statement:
Provide legal solutions to timeshare owners
in dealing with the difficulties of continued ownership.
IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

We are not attorneys and are expressing our experienced opinions within these answers.
If you are concerned, please contact an attorney for clarification.

An escrow agent protects you and VRI. You don't want to lose your money if the process isn't completed. VRI wants to get paid when they are done. The escrow agent is controlled by law and subject to disciplinary action if they mishandle the funds.

Generally, any escrow company, real estate broker, lawyer, CPA, or similarly licensed professionals can act as an escrow agent. They don't have to be an escrow company. They need to be subject to complaint and discipline if either you or VRI feels cheated. It can be any one of your choice. VRI will check their licensure out to protect both you and VRI before proceeding. If they charge a fee, you will be responsible for that fee.

VRI has known and worked with Solutions Holding Company for many years. They have agreed to keep it simple if you do not have an escrow agent of your choice. They have agreed to a reduced fee if paid directly by us at the end of the process. They do not charge you in addition to our fees.

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