Mission Statement:
Provide legal solutions to timeshare owners
in dealing with the difficulties of continued ownership.
IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation



If you are here because of a timeshare,
you should only consider
legal ways to get rid of your timeshare.
We tell you how to donate a timeshare legally and quickly to
get rid of your timeshare with no fees paid to us until you're free.

First, there are two types of timeshare ownership:
Deeded - you have an actual real estate deed showing ownership.
Right-to-Use - You only have a membership contract with NO deed.

If you have a Deeded timeshare ownership, we can help you.

Sorry, if you only have a Right-to-Use timeshare we can't.
Check here for why.

We actually take the timeshare deed into our name so you are legally and finally free.
We deal with the resort, it's bills, endless letters, and scheduling.

Once we own the timeshare
we encourage the resort to take it back into their inventory
for resale as a "freebie" sale with NO original costs for the construction
you paid for in your price. Look in our Answers for details on this and more.

What do we get out it?
We attempt to rent it out to pay for maintenance fees.
However, and MOST IMPORTANTLY we do NOT resell the timeshare for a minimum of 36 months.
This is due to IRS regulations that could hurt you.
We only get paid when our work is completed.
You are fully protected by our guarantee or a third party licensed
escrow agent if you choose that option.